Shooting 5 CZ-75.1

Stage 1 - Shooting 1

Shooting 5 CZ-75.2

Stage 2 - Shooting 1

Shooting 5 CZ-75.3

Stage 3 - Shooting 1

Shooting 5 CZ-75.4

Stage 4 - Shooting 1

Shooting Range 5 is for the CZ 75.

Stage 1

You are presented with three targets that must be hit 10 times each. You have 30 shots to reach a score of 220 points for the Shooter I achievement.

Stage 2

You are presented with pop-up targets. You have 32 shots to reach a score of 125 points for the Shooter II achievement.

Stage 3

You are presented with multiple pop-up targets. You have 30 shots to reach a score of 150 points for the Shooter III achievement.

Special Notes: The targets appear in groups of 5. They will drop down if not shot quick enough. They will keep popping up until you've fired all of your available bullets.

Stage 4

You are presented with 16 pop-up targets. You have 16 shots to reach a score of 70 points for the Shooter IV achievement.

Special Notes: You have to shoot all 16 targets within 10 seconds.

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