Car in Car Disassembly
Custom hot rod
Custom Hot Rod
Price 30 Credits
Parts 545
Difficulty level ?
Activations needed for (dis)assembly ?
Total exp gained from achievements ?

Achievement Objective Prize
Owner Complete Field Strip 200 Exp
Technician Complete Disassembly 500 Exp
Armorer Complete Assembly 500 Exp
Operator Complete Operation 400 Exp
Expert Complete Game without hints. 500 Exp
Gamer Complete Game 800 Exp
Timed I Complete Game in 20:49 500 Exp
Timed II Complete Game in 16:10 600 Exp
Timed III Complete Game in 14:11 700 Exp
Sniper Complete Game or Hardcore Game by only clicking parts which can be activated 600 Exp
Craftsmaster Complete Super Game 800 Exp
TOP-3 Achieve one of the top 3 spots in daily high scores 700 Exp
Champion Achieve first place in daily high scores 1,000 Exp & 1 Credit
Hardcore Player Complete Hardcore Game with Sniper and have at least 3 parts active at the same time 800 Exp
Complete Set Complete all achievements ? Exp
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